the END?

This is the beginning of the end…. That´s the exact phrase I told my mother when I turned 25. Pretty optimistic, right? But who doesn´t like a bit of drama?


At that time, I had finished my degree and I had my whole life in front of me, but the only thing I could think about was: ok, I get a job, a husband, I work, procreate, get old and then… finally die. Who would have thought my amazing plan was about to be soooo blown up!


Here I am… 5 years later and I have NOTHING of what I imagine that I would have by now. But that´s not why I am worried about. It is the lack of direction that I have in my life my main concern. Have you ever felt like you were playing a game for so long, and somehow you´re still at the start point?


This what this blog is about. My life journey over the last 5 years and how my perspective of the beginning of the end has totally changed. It was only the begining of infinite possibilities. And still is!!!

The amazing skull pictures are from

The Irving Penn Foundation


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