Me, myself and I

So…. I finished my degree when I was 25. By that time I have already had a love breakdown with my lifetime boyfriend from high school (from now on, I’ll call him Pete). We dated for 5 long years but we knew each other for 7 years. He was my best friend, and who I thought by that time… the man of my life. I couldn’t be more wrong. But I didn’t realize that until I started to think about what I wanted a little bit more.


Allow me to explain myself. I have always wanted to travel, know different countries, cultures and people around the world. It was really important to me to study something that brings me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams, and that implied to move from my hometown to the capital, to study in the uni I wanted. Pete never supported that decision. He always wanted to stay in our town, and just only travel time to time, when we were on holidays.

NEVER!!!!! I repeat…. NEVER let anyone make you abandon your dreams.. If someone asks you to do that… It means that person doesn’t love you. When you really care and love someone, that person’s dreams are your dreams as well.


To be continued….


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