Selfish dickheads

I’ve been wondering lately a really important question: why… WHY in God’s name do I end up meeting selfish dickheads??  My answer: I’m a total looser!

If I’m not in a relationship, I like to have a coupe of friends to have fun with, we can ‘Netflix and chill’ in a cool way, without getting too involved, and we are totally ok with it. What I’ve realised and the main problem for me is with one of these indivuduals: I answer to his text and we meet when he wants, but when I want to meet and have some fun… nothing! He literally doesn’t reply, or gives me a vague excuse, and after a while… he texts me like nothing have happened and wants to ‘catch up and watch a movie’

It happened only twice with this guy… but I’ve seen the pattern repeated with guys that I’m actually dating and talking in a more serious way.

Recently I met someone in happn and we dated a couple of times. He seemed like a very nice guy, and we seemed like we had a good connection. The problem is that, as my friend, he only talks and wants to meet up when ‘he can’. The worst part is… when I said something about it, he begged me to keep talking, that he didn’t do it intentionally, that he loves to talk with me, and if he could he would like to meet up more often… blah blah blah… He continues doing the same thing!

Why do I always have to be the person willing to meet, to talk, to hook up?? Am I not entitled to have similar rights? OF COURSE I DO! The problem is these two are selfish dickheads who wants to have someone in their agendas to fill that gap when they don’t have anything else to do…. At leats with the first guy is like… ok, we are doing this when we don’t have anything serious, so the spirit of feeling the agenda is kind of there, but if you don’t want to meet when I tell you, at least GROW SOME BALLS to answer and tell me you don’t want to fucking meet that day!!!

It has happened with a couple of guys more that I’ve dated…. The solutions. NEXT!!!!! Move on… It is really important before doing that, telling them what happened, even if they think you are a dramatic crazy lady. SPEAK YOUR MIND, and allow yourself to express what pissed you off.

Boy… Bye!


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