Time control

If at least I ended up in a crazy party like Neo… I’d be fun!

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Selfish dickheads

I’ve been wondering lately a really important question: why… WHY in God’s name do I end up meeting selfish dickheads??  My answer: I’m a total looser!

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Just stop it, ok??

Probably you’ve already heard what Piers Morgan had to say about Kim Kardashian ( you can read and watch it here: Kim Kardashian Was Shamed by Piers Morgan for Daring to Have Cellulite )

It is so annoying that society is trying to bring women down all the time with every single and tiny detail about our figure.


Just stop it, ok?

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Me, myself and I

So…. I finished my degree when I was 25. By that time I have already had a love breakdown with my lifetime boyfriend from high school (from now on, I’ll call him Pete). We dated for 5 long years but we knew each other for 7 years. He was my best friend, and who I thought by that time… the man of my life. I couldn’t be more wrong. But I didn’t realize that until I started to think about what I wanted a little bit more.


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